YED Contributed to Erasmus+ Project

The overall aim of the project youth for social entrepreneurship is to decrease youth unemployment by social activities of entrepreneurship. During the project participants identified social problems not only in local but also European level and provided some solutions by creating business plans about enterprises, eg. art studio for disadvantaged young people, furniture services, ecological products, interactive coffee place, eco-friendly café.

Participants know what social entrepreneurship means, various options of successful social enterprises, social entrepreneurship principles and values.

Participants coming from Spain, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Slovakia spent 8 days in multicultural environment in Trnava Slovakia where they met and talked about the issue with local people, municipality representatives, social entrepreneurs, organized exhibitions, interesting workshops. Participants can implement created business plans in their carrier or they are able to create new ones and help their peers in similar activities. The project was the starting point for our future work and sustainable, long-term cooperation.

The project was supported by Erasmus+ program. Erasmus+ provides many educational opportunities to young people who can participate in similar youth projects in any country of EU funded by grants of European Commission.

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Mustafa Çetinkaya

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